A little Guerrilla Art Approuch

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Guerrilla art works by doing away with traditional frameworks, literally and figuratively. Instead of putting an artwork within a frame, on a pedestal or behind a glass door the guerrilla artist make something that is a continual part of the environment.

There were some guerrilla art ideas around in the 1970s, though in a constantly developing medium like art it is hard to pinpoint any one start for a trend when everything has a precursor. It quickly branched into advertising.

Guerrilla art would take some object in the environment and modify it to be something that is out of place in that context. A street pole would be painted to look like a giant pencil. A manhole would be modified to look like a clock. A bin like a coffee cup. The original unmodified object bore a passing resemblance to the art it becomes. The creative process works with lateral think and other unorthodox approaches.

Many owners of Apple Macs have taken the guerrilla art principle when they modified the front logo of their computer. Simply using a waterslide decal to show a cartoon character holding the apple has guerrilla art overtones. More creative ideas abound; just Google for ideas.

Metallic decals, inject paper decals, thin decal paper, and almost any water decal paper is useful for guerrilla art. There is usually a suitable decal type for any surface, and guerrilla art may well use any surface.

Look at any shape in your environment and think how it resembles another shape. Modify it and you are taking a guerrilla art approach


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