Candle Decorations

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Candle Decal Paper

We have decal paper specifically designed for candles. Any design that you can print can be used on a candle.

Some candle decoration ideas that we like;

  • Commemorative birthdays and anniversaries …etc.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Geometric patterns
  • Silhouettes
  • Coats of arms
  • Hearts, stars, flowers and combinations thereof.
  • Cartoon, Comic and Superheros figures.
  • And decoration with glitter behind it.
  • Runes and symbols.

Candle holders can also be decorated with decals. The is a lot of scope for creative design

  • Metal cylinders decorated with cut out shapes.
  • Traditional lantern shape, with a candle inside.
  • Egg shaped holders
  • Candle holders shaped like a tree trunk or tree stump.
  • Ned Kelly’s helmet
  • Anything with a window. A decal applied over the window is lit by the candlelight.
  • Glass bottles or cylinders – decals on the glass lit by the candle.

Blue backing Decal Paper

A white candle will not show up the white details of any decal. But decals with white elements will work well on almost any other colours.

Decals with white elements in their design are often printed on blue backing paper as this backing will give a fairly accurate indication of how the decal will look when applied. White backing paper will hide all the white details of the decal.

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