Decal Paper

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Decal Paper

Decals are amongst the last details applied to any model or creative project. With all the effort put into the project we want to make sure we don’t ruin things at the last minute.

Some generally useful tools and products:

  • Varnish or clear finish (usually spray on).
  • Cutting surface
  • Bowl of water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Hobby knife
  • Small paint brushes
  • Tweezers
  • Lint free cloth (micro fibre is a good option)
  • Paper towels.

As well as the decal paper for printing and the actual model / project.

When applying decals:

  • Wait until the paint is dry.
  • Coat the model with 1 or 2 thin layers of clear coat / varnish. This should be gloss as it provided the best surface for decals to bond to, with fewer air bubbles. (You can use matt finish after the decal if you wish.
  • Cut out each decal from the paper. Use a knife or scissors.
  • Soak the decals in water with a drop of dishwashing liquid.
  • Wait until the decals just start to move on the surface of the paper.
  • Position the first decal with backing paper onto the appropriate spot of the projects.
  • Slide the decal off the paper onto the model, moving it to the correct position. It might be better to think of this as sliding the paper from under the decal.
  • Flatten out the decal with the small paint brush. Removing any air bubbles.
  • Gently blot the decal with a lint free cloth; again, removing and air bubbles.

Once the decals have dried you can cover the model with a coat of clear finish. You can use matt finish if you prefer as it will no longer effect the bonding of the decals.

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