Design Fundamentals

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Original Waterslide Decals

If we are producing original designs for decals we can either start from scratch or base our ideas on some source of inspiration; but we cannot just copy our decals from a real life example as we do with trains or other scale models. Plastic model decals imitate pre-existing subject matter. Original means something new that we create ourselves.

Design Shape

Decal paper designs obey the same principles of design that apply to all art and aesthetics. Our human minds like certain proportions and colours, and we tend to both produce and be attracted to anything that corresponds to these criteria. There is ongoing investigation into exactly what the criteria are, and there may never be a consensus. But some parts are agreed on.

The Golden Ratio:

Our minds like the proportion 1: 1.6180…., named by the Greeks as the Golden Ratio. We can see this in some natural phenomena like spiral seashells, flowers, proportions in biology like fingers, and spiral galaxies; we find it being used in architecture, vehicle design, fashion, geometric patterns, emblems, comic characters, the underlying templates for much art …etc.

Basing a decal design on the Golden Ratio is one idea for producing something pleasing. But there are many examples of interesting and pleasing designs that do not use the Golden Ratio at all, like a sunset or a plain gold ring. We should not limit ourselves to this one principle, even as there are countless good options that it provides.

A good design is about the right elements in the right place. It is possible to have all the right elements but still not produce something appealing. Proportion and contrasting/complementary colours are part of this, but far from everything. Ultimately we have to go with what works intuitively.

Waterslide Decal Paper

With modern computer design programs and printers we can produce pretty much any design that we can imagine. We can apply this to any surface with Decal paper. Products such as inkjet decal paper, thin decal paper, blue backing decal paper, candle decal paper, and metallic decal paper give us many surface options for our decal paper.


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