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It is quite probable that kids like colourful decals more than anybody else. Even adults who like decals are thought to be expressing a childish part of their personality, though we happen to think this is a healthy side to all of us. Children’s room decals are a creative end well with perusing.

A child will automatically choose the decal that suits them. They make uninhibited choices, unlike adults who tend to weight up the merits and political correctness of their decision.

At the same time a parent may make the choice for a child who is too young to choose for themselves. They might go with generic children’s images, or something that is indicative of their future hope for the child. Using the child’s name in stylized writing is always a safe bet.

Wall decal ideas for bedrooms include;

  • Cartoon characters are a good choice. Go for the classics which tend not to date badly – Disney, Warner brother…etc.
  • Animals of all types are popular. Owls, cats, lions, birds….etc.
  • Unicorns, rainbows, all imagination.
  • Ballet – shoes, silhouettes of dancers.
  • Sports images. Soccer balls and equipment.
  • A cost of arms or sporting emblem
  • Pithy and inspirational life quotes.
  • Cars, mostly racing cars but vintage images can work
  • Trucks and tractors
  • Superheros.
  • Castles, mythology and fairy tale images

Inkjet decal paper, and other decal paper

Wall decals are a fairly inexpensive way to lighten up a room in a personalized way. And it’s fairly easy to replace the images as the child get older.

Use some decal paper to print wall decorations for a child’s room.

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