Model Trains

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Model trains are possibly the most popular type of scale models. They tend to be fairly large projects, are often ongoing, and incorporate many models beyond the trains themselves.

Model train projects often include:

  • Locomotive engines
  • Passenger Carriages
  • Coal cars.
  • Transport carriages
  • Carriages with livestock animals.
  • Livestock animals
  • Trees and foliage
  • Stations buildings.
  • Buildings and farmhouses
  • bridges
  • Cars and other street vehicles
  • Train signals
  • Roads
  • Road signs, lights and billboards
  • Model figures

Plastic model decals are useful for adding fine details to many part of a scale model railway. Thin decal paper is often better for this, being well suited to the spaces in many small models. But metallic decals also have a few uses, as do all sorts of decal paper. Inkjet decal paper, which allow plastic model decals to be made on a home printer, is great for custom decals.

Where to buy waterslide decal paper

Dr Decal and Mr Hyde stock many types of decal paper suitable for model trains and other scale models. This includes print-your-own-design decal paper and other waterslide decal paper


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