Plastic Models and Decal Paper

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Many children and a few adults enjoy building scale models. This sometimes ties to a particular interest – military vehicles, aviation, trains, sci-Fi or racing cars. At other times it just feels good to create.

Until recently most of us were confined to building models from pre-made scale kits, unless we were experienced metal or woodworkers with access to several tools. But the advent of the 3D printer has put advanced and original model building into the hands of anybody who possesses basic computer skills.

Plastic Model Decals

Decals are idea for providing the fine details on plastic models. They can give much finer detail than any paintwork, and combine well with painted areas to give large and small colour details to a model.

Plastic model decals of the past have been provided with the kit. This is fine if you stick with the instructions as most builders do. But occasionally a model might benefit from different decals. Military vehicles and aircraft often had different markings at different points in history. Original decals allows us to produce markings accurate reproductions of these markings.

3-D printing means we can produce a model of anything we wish, including original vehicles or any vehicle not already available as a pre-packaged kit. These kits benefit from the added touch of decals, which can provide the fine colour detail not usually possible with paint.

Printing Model Decals,

Decal paper is readily available for printing original designs. These allows us to add virtually any fine detail to a 3-D computer printed model or to a pre-packaged model kit.

There are several types of decal print paper. Thin decal paper is recommended for physical surfaces with fine grooves and edges – it is flexible enough to accommodate uneven surfaces. Blue backed decal paper is preferred when you need to see the white colouring of a printed decal. Normal inkjet decal paper is fine for waterslide decals on the vast majority of painted or unpainted model surfaces.

Use waterslide decal paper to add the extra dimension and detail to your computer 3D models.

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