Model Decals

Model trains and other modelling hobbies that seek to replicate real vehicles often benefit from model decals. Real planes, trains, automobiles and equipment have details that become very small on scale models. These fine details are often best reproduced with decals.

Plastic Model Decals

There are many options for today’s model hobbyists. Years ago we were stuck with the deals that came with the model kit that we purchased. Now, with 3D printing and computer graphics we can build anything we can imagine and produce on screen. Custom printing on decal paper allows us to create decals to suit the 3D models we create on our computer systems.


With the sale of inkjet decal paper hobbyists can print their own designs on their own home printers. Decal paper is available in several option, including thin decal paper, inkjet decal paper, blue backing decal paper, metallic decals and standard waterslide decal paper.


The advantage of modern computing equipment and 3D printing is that we are not limited to imitating real life phenomena. Instead, we can model anything from our imagination. And now we can add the finest of details with decal paper.