Matt Waterslide Decal Paper For Laser Printers – A4

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Make your own custom waterslide decals onto your art items using your laser printer/copier

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(starts from 5 sheets(A4) per pack)

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This is matt finished waterslide decal paper product whereas standard waterslide decal film has glossy finish. Designed for wooden canvas, plywoods, painted walls and many other applications which require matte finish.

<How to use>
1. Edit the images or photos which you want to print on the decal paper.
2. Load your printer with your laser water-slide decal paper.
3. Print the image from your computer onto your laser water-slide decal paper with your laser printer.
4. Cut out the image you want with home scissors.
5. Place it in water for about 60 seconds and then transfer it onto the surface of the material you wish to decorate. Wipe excess water off your decal transfer using gentle strokes with a rubber Scrubber. It will make the job easier if you apply some dilute water-based glue on the surface of your item before applying the decal film.
6. Allow to set dry for 3 hours at least. Now it is ready to use.

If you want a stronger finish, you can apply overcoat using a polyurethane spray.
If you want to put the decal on a dark colour surface (such as black, cobalt blue, choco brown),
we suggest you use our white decal paper instead of normal clear decal paper.

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