Before 3D printers and other modern computer miracles there was a tradition of building scale models out of wood. We tend to think of this older trend confining itself to model trains and other technology of yesteryear, but wood has been used to create models of anything from animals to science-fiction robots; weapons, musical instruments and vehicles are also popular. Adding model decals can add an extra something to these creations.

Dr Decal & Mr Hyde - Model Decals

Woodwork does require at least a few tools. But while there are a long list of work working implements available (many of which are quite expensive) it is possible to build a lot of devices with just a few basic tools.

The basics:

  • A Saw that produces a straight, clean cut
  • A coping saw for curves.
  • A drill for holes, sometimes for starting a saw cut
  • Plane, for shaping wood.
  • Hammer and chisel, for holloing out spaces.
  • Sandpaper, for a smooth finish.


Wood can be bought in various sizes and shapes to suit a project design, minimising the work needed.

More complex tools;

  • Drill Press
  • Lathe
  • Router
  • Milling machine


The waterslide decal paper used for plastic model decals also works on many other surfaces, including wood. Some would think that decals on wood is breaking with tradition, but others would say that it is combining old and new technology in a creative way.

Consider decal paper designs, and see if your creative side doesn’t come up with a few new project ideas.