Uses for Waterslide Decals

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Uses for Waterslide Decals

We can decorate laptops, cases, drinking glasses, mugs, doors, cupboards and other items with decals. Photorealism is possible with some of these surfaces and some waterslide decal paper, but more often we find it better to stylize the image for waterslide decals.

Using Photoshop or other digital manipulation programs we can produce many interesting variations on any images, many of which produce striking decals. Some options are:


An solid outline works well for some images and objects. These are easy to produce.

Two Tone

This is an image using only one dark and one light colour. It is more complex than a silhouette, showing a 3D image with significant detail. Portraits can work well for this if the angel and lighting are right.

Black and White

This is the image with the colour removed. This B/W version of an image can have a different impact to the colour version, and can be easier to realize with basic printing.


This is the old fashioned style of monochrome photography. Basically it is like black and white but in shades of white and light brown. This is great for a rustic appeal on a decal.

Classic Oil Painting.

Some computer programmes can change a photo to look like an oil painting. This is effective for anything from portraits to landscapes.


Cartoon decals have always been popular. Converting a photo to cartoon gives an original edge to a design.

Other styles.

Digital manipulation can change the image to anything from cubist art to ethereal outline. Many work as decals.

These designs are usually best with inkjet decal paper or metallic decal paper. This decal paper, designed for finely contoured surfaces, and blue backing decal paper, for seeing details in white, are not necessary. Candle decal paper can work well for stylized designs.

Where to Buy Waterslide Decal Paper

Pre-printed or inkjet decal paper for printing your own decals is available at Dr Decal.Decal Mixed 1

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