Waterslide Decal Paper

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A few travellers have appeared on social media with luggage that displays their own face. It’s one way to make sure that others cannot steal your possessions; or at least prove that you are the rightful owner. Apparently the image is not on the luggage itself but on a pullover cover. But you could achieve the same result with a waterslide decal.

Then again many people find an oversized image of a face on the luggage to be rather disturbing, or at least a little extreme. We might want to tone it down to something more tasteful. A postcard image of your face with name and address might be effective for identifying your travel belongings.

Waterslide Decal Paper

An older travel trend was to decorate luggage with stickers and transfers identifying the places already visited. This could be easily achieved with modern decals. It is all the better because it allows you to choose any transfer design you like.  Personalize you luggage with your own sense of style and the places you have experienced.

Where to buy waterslide decal paper

Order inkjet decal paper online and print you own custom decals. Stylize you belongings with your creativity and experience.

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