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Laser Waterslide Decal Paper

Yes you can apply enamel clear coat or polyurethane spray coat to laser waterslide decal paper. A comment from my customer, ‘Further my enquiry, I tried Tamiya clear enamel, thinned 1:1 with Tamiya enamel thinners. I covered the Laser decals with 3 light coats using my airbrush. The decals held up extremely well, with no shrinking, distortion or any other adverse reaction. I am very impressed with your product’

This can happen if the temperature of fusing system applied was too low. This issue can be fixed by choosing the correct paper option (i.e. Thick Glossy Photo Paper or similar) when printing.

The candle decal paper sticks to any kind of candle surfaces very well as long as they are flat. However, as it is fragile, it is designed for small size decals and gets harder to use as the decal size gets bigger.

If you have an access to a (large format) solvent printer, I’d recommend the solvent waterslide decal paper. If you don’t, the laser waterslide decal paper is the 2nd best option 

And if the colour of the tank is dark, you will have to use white toner/ink printer. If you don’t have one, you will have to ask someone else to print for you

Any laser printer which can handle 200gsm or thicker should be ok. However, if your budget allows, I would recommend Fuji Xerox 405D which is very reliable and heavy duty one. Sometimes you can find a special deal if you keep monitoring ebay

It seems the fuser of your printer gets too hot when printing. I would suggest you to change the paper option. Try ‘thick glossy paper’ first, and if you have the same issue again, then try ‘normal paper’ which will produce lower temperature.

You can use 

or if you prefer real thin decals and the size of your decals is not bigger than 2x2cm, you can use

Yes, you can use clear polyurethane spray which is available at Bunnings or local paint shops.

would recommend you our matte finish waterslide decal paper

You can apply polyurethane overcoat on top to protect it.

All of our laser waterslide decal products are working well with OKI printers including OKI7411WT, OKI9411WT, OKIC610 and OKIC810.