Dr. Decal & Mr. Hyde takes pride in presenting before you, an innovative range of digital printing decal solutions to varied industries, enterprises, and home users across the globe. Our diverse variety of decal paper products include Premium Candle Decal Paper, Laser Waterslide Decal Paper, Inkjet Decal Paper, Acrylic Laser Waterslide Decal Paper, Temporary Tattoo Paper, Film Free Decal Paper, and much more.

Easy, safe, and fun to use, our refined and affordable products allow you to print on conventional elements as well as previously inaccessible surfaces like guitars, skateboards, leather, metal, cars etc while keeping the texture integrity intact. The quality finish will hardly leave any trace of image transfer, giving the effect of an actual print and not a sticker. We print nearly anything on anything. So, take a look at our brilliant arena of products and place your order now.