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Film Free Waterslide Decal Paper

Most problems can happen because the temperature applied was too low or there were some air bubbles/excess water left underneath. You can fix the problems by doing the following:
* get rid of excess water and air bubbles underneath the decal film by using a proper squeegee
* dry the decal at a low temperature (i.e. 100C for 30seconds) after you have applied the film free decal to your item
* if you don’t see any bubbles or faulty spots, apply heat of at least 200C for 3 minutes or longer using a heat gun all over the decal (making sure no spots are missed)
* higher temperatures will give you better results, so apply heat until the decal film becomes slightly yellow (but stop heating before the film gets burnt)

The film free decal is a decorative product, not for food serving but only for display.

It must be used with laser printers.