Firing Decal Printing Services using HP Mono colour laser printer – A4 size

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A4 size design only. We accept jpg, tif, eps, png, ai and pdf format files. If it is a Photoshop file or Illustrator file, please make sure your design is flattened or outlined before uploading. Your design will be printed on A4 size decal media of your choice without any scaling. Contact us if you have any other requirements.

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A4 Size Firing Waterslide Decal Printing Services – Black colour printing and turning to brown after firing.

Iron oxide laser printing using a HP mono colour laser printer is the most cost effective way of firing decals. It requires under $1000 to start, and maintenance is easy and cost effective too. That’s why there are many home businesses that print firing decals using iron oxide decal printing. It provides mono colour (brown-ish) but some of my customers paint different colours on top manually.

This service is to help your trial and you can find more information from our TROUBLESHOOTING LIBRARY by searching the keyword ‘firing’.

Mobile: 0434 363 114

Design File Format: pdf preferred, jpg and png accepted. Scanned images and Word files are not accepted. Your design has to be black coloured and any other colours will be printed as ‘thin black’ or grey colours. Design size must be the same or less than A4 size and printable size 190 x 277mm.

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