Waterslide Decal Paper For Wrapping Candles, Thick & Easy Handling – Laser Printer, A4 / Clear

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Make your own custom waterslide decals onto your plastic models using your laser printer/copier

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Looking for waterslide decal paper for large size decals?

An enhanced premium waterslide decal paper to be used with your laser printer, designed for large size decal applications, such as wrapping candles, which requires thick decal film.

This waterslide decal paper has a thicker decal film (23 micron) than standard decal paper (13 micron), which makes applications of large decals a lot easier. The thickness allows for a more reliable application and is less likely to wrinkle and require smoothing out than thinner decal paper. In addition, it produces the image with higher resolution and superior colour production. Notwithstanding the thicker film, the edges of the decal are mostly imperceptible, resulting in a professional finish. Please beware that our waterslide decal products may not work with entry-level BROTHER laser printers due to the thickness of the decal paper (200+gsm).


Detailed instructions on how to use this decal paper are included with your order.


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